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Offering premium car and truck lighting from all the major performance manufacturers around the world.  Every single car light and truck light we feature guarantees high performance, power and durability that match the quality of the greatest automotive brands in the world. We only offer the best auto lights for the best cars and trucks, and guarantee competitive pricing.

LED Headlights Explained

LED lights produce similar improvements to HID headlights, but they go a step further in providing both clear, bright lighting and durability. By 2030, industry estimates project that as much as three quarters, or 75% of all lighting sold will be LED based, and car headlights are no different.

Now that the component costs of LEDs are coming down year on year, more people are choosing to upgrade their headlights to LEDs, and they are not turning back. LED lights use a number of light-emitting diodes to convert electricity from your car into light, with significantly greater efficiency than both HID and halogen bulbs.

Because they are solid state and built to last, these headlights can in theory be used for decades before they will need to be replaced, saving you the ongoing maintenance burden and costs associated with other bulbs.

Furthermore, Auto LED center kits can be easily installed on your car, either by yourself or by a professional mechanic in just a few minutes. Once you’ve installed your Auto LED center headlights kit, you can expect high quality, warm, white light, illuminating significant portions of the road ahead when compared to basic halogen bulbs.

Who Should Use LEDs

While many motorists want the results that LEDs deliver, some choose other types of bulb in the first instance, like xenon HIDs as a replacement to factory fitted halogen bulbs. If you want low hassle, increased efficiency, strong headlights for your vehicle, you should have no hesitation in opting for LEDs.

Now the headlight of choice for top end and luxury vehicles, motorists worldwide are now waking up to the advantages of LED headlights, and the benefits a retrofit of LEDs can have to any car. LEDs can cost more in the first instance than HIDs or halogens, but over time this pays for itself in lower maintenance and fuel costs long-term.

Upgrading Your Headlights To LEDs

The process of upgrading your headlights doesn’t have to be difficult. With all the benefits of LED headlights available at low cost, and easy installation for even non-technical motorists, an LED kit is an essential investment in the long-term future of your motoring.

Not only will you benefit from better road lighting conditions and increased visibility in all weathers and conditions, but you will also save on fuel and ongoing maintenance costs by upgrading.

Our LED headlight kits are manufactured to precise standards, and guaranteed for the long-term. For more efficiency headlighting, and significantly lower operational costs, there is no better option than LED headlights.
Get better visibility with an LED headlight kit. The new LED headlights designed to change the world of vehicular lighting as we know it today. There's no start-up delay and have up to a 30,000 hour lifespan, more energy efficient, more durable, longer-lasting, and considerably less costly to maintain, this new breed of LED headlights is unlike anything else currently available on the market, upgrade to LED today.